2020, a year that changed everything for me

2020, a year that changed everything for me

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·Dec 31, 2020·

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The year that gave us a lesson about how to live with oneself. It taught us not to play with nature because when the ball goes to nature's court, the game is out of control.

The number of traffic accidents reduced significantly just because the road-racers were locked in their home.

The children came to know more about their family members and vice-versa. It was because of staying inside and spending time together in the lockdown.

Well, all this was from my friend Sub-lieutenant Kumar Manjeet's perspective. Let's see this from a developer's perspective(me😊).

Jan 2020

The year 2020 started like any other new year where we make some resolutions. But here I was a bit excited as I got placed in a recruitment firm when I was in the 6th semester of my engineering.

I was going to start with the training from Jan 13th, 2020. It was like getting paid for attending the training and at the same time I was allowed by my college to join them and because of that I no longer needed to attend my college class🤑.

There, I made some new friends, met some awesome trainers, late-night office party, it was an awesome time.

Feb 2020

I was deployed to the floor and was no longer a trainee and was working full-time.

It was some sort of mixed feelings.

I was separated with all of my friends whom I met when we all were trainee.

There I saw some new face and all of my friends were in different teams. It was like a real corporate life.

March 2020

My entire Feb was spent following the path of being a good recruiter and there I realised I might not be the right person for this role.

I always enjoyed coding when I was in college but don't know why I choose this role (of recruiting).

Now the exam dates were declared and I decided to come back to college and attend my exams.

It was like the 15th of March when I was on the train, heading back to my home and within a few days, the entire nation was declared lockdown because of Covid situation.

If I would have stayed there even for a week (in Noida), I would have stuck in the lockdown.

Now the coding journey starts again.

April 2020

I got myself enrolled with Coding Ninja and they helped me in clearing my concept of algorithms, basics of Python.

It was nice but I was still not able to gain confidence. So I tried some youtube tutorials on data-structures and algorithms.

My entire April was spent in discovering different technologies, both in Web-development and in mobile app development.

Here I discovered Flutter. It was in trend and I thought of giving it a shot.

May 2020

I started with Flutter and got myself enrolled in one of the best flutter course on Udemy.

At the same time, I also started designing UI on Figma and published them on Dribbble.

June 2020

I tried a lot but I don't know why I was not able to get interested in Flutter app development and then I switched back to web-development.

I started with React js and my entire month was spent with React.

I started using React with class component and because of that, it started getting complicated as I moved ahead. Later I learnt ReactJs Hooks, which made my life a lot easier.

I recommend starting with ReactJS using Hooks (if you are not comfortable with classes or OOPs).

As I started developing projects on ReacJs, I gained confidence in front-end development.

This was the time when I got a small project of making a small informational website that should be responsive and the client was willing to pay me a decent amount🤑.

July 2020

I don't know the exact date but this was the time when I started making Youtube videos for The Crazy Programmer.

I made videos on HTML and CSS.

It took some time and at the same time, I was also writing some content on this blog. You can read some of my articles on this blog here.

August 2020

As I got confident with ReactJs, I started exploring some backend frameworks and libraries.

I started with Flask and made some basic projects.

Later I switched to Django and I liked the framework and created some projects here as well.

I have also written a detailed post on Django (above 31 min read time).

September 2020

This was the time I had to learn jQuery for some project and it was fine but just because of some small functionality, you need to load the entire CDN file which reduces your site speed😔.

I also learnt how to make PWA or the Progressive Web App with offline capabilities. Learn more about PWA here.

After trying a lot with Django and Flask, I started with Node Js and this was the time when I was not working on any project.

I gave enough time on Express Js and learnt how to make APIs using MongoDB and also deployed them on Heroku.

October 2020

This was the time when I made my first Pull request for Hacktober Fest 2020 and before that, I never made any pull request or the fact was, I didn't know how to make a pull request.

Well, everything went fine and all of my pull requests were marked valid🤩.

I received a confirmation mail of redeeming the goodies.

The entire month was spent in making videos on Javascript for the youtube channel (I am still making the videos).

November 2020

I got another client who wanted to work with me💸💸.

This time, I choose MERN stack for developing the project and decided to work with Shashank bro.

He was assigned with the backend part and I assigned myself with the frontend part.

The project is still going on and I'm sorry, I can't share the link😉.

One day, I don't know the exact date, I received a call from the HR of Code Bucket (I currently work here😀) and my technical interview was scheduled.

I had my technical interview for the role of Node JS developer and to be honest, it was quite a lengthy interview and I guess, it was above 1hr.

They called me the next day and offered me the job.

I was extremely excited about the Node JS developer role.

December 2020

I was extremely excited about joining them from Dec 7th, 2020.

The day arrived! It was my first day and the HR helped me with the onboarding process.

The interviewer and the HR were very friendly and helped me in easy onboarding.

It's an awesome experience in working from the comfort of your home and at the same time loving what you do.

My teammates are awesome and so far I am enjoying working with them.

Now, how the year 2020 was better for me?

This year I guess, I have worked twice or even triple the amount of work I did in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 combined.

Before 2020, I just knew C and Python as a programming language and HTML and CSS in web development.

I used to make some static projects with vanilla JS and that too simple ones when I was in 2017 or 2018.

I started with server-side scripting in 2019 and that too with vanilla PHP.

It helped me in some basic projects but when I started with React JS and Node JS this year, I learnt how to write clean code, make complex REST APIs, etc. and the best part, Node Js helped me in landing my first job as a developer before the end of 2020.

This was all about my entire year and I know, this year was not very fruitful for everyone out there. This thing has affected every one of us one way or another.

This was my 2020 in a nutshell where I started with Associate Technical Recruiter and here I'm, ending it as a Node Js Developer.

Hoping for a better year ahead 🤞.

Thanks for staying till the end ❤. I really appreciate it.

See you in 2021!

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